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A Letter to My Client L (and all women on a journey of change)

Hi beautiful,

I bet you didn’t know how hard I tried to chain my own emotions as you were sharing your frustrations, tears and that deep sense of being worthless. What I didn’t reveal too is that I know this journey of change so well (too well!), because I went through it once and I am on this path again now. This big transition from having a successful corporate career, earning a good income, having a powerful title that you can confidently say it aloud to anyone who you meet — to becoming that solo-lonely-prenuer working so hard, not knowing where and when success (and the money) will come, wondering if we had been stupid in going on this path of working for our dreams.

We had a plan, yes. We know that we need time, yes. We believed in what we are working towards, yes.

But in the meantime…

In the meantime, we become…

that woman without an earning power;

that woman who doesn't have a "job";

that woman who gets tongue-tied when trying to introduce herself because there is no longer a fixed title;

that woman working flexi-hours and therefore can be tasked to run errands and settle the nitty-gritty stuff for the family because hey, “you don't have to meet deadlines”;

that woman who lost her say in family decisions because she’s no longer putting bread on the table;

that woman who stops spending on herself because it’s no longer “her own money”;

that woman without confidence.

In our rational and intelligent mind, we know that no one but ourselves see us in those light and that we need to get out of this circle of uncertainty, anger, loss and sadness. Yet, we feel so stuck, as we grapple with the How.

What you have forgotten is this:

You have not gone on this path without a plan;

You know what it is that you want to create and achieve.

You had anticipated challenges and were ready to face them;

You have conquered mountains in the past.

You wanted a life that aligns with your passion and dream;

You are on this journey because you love yourself.

And most importantly, you forgot that -- You are not alone.

So let those emotions come -- it is OK to feel scared and sad. But let them go too -- they will only weigh you down and keep you stuck. Then take one step forward, however tiny it may be, day-by-day.

One day, you will look back and wonder why it had taken you so long to recognise your own worth. When that day comes, you will find this woman who is at exactly where you are right now and you will tell her: "I am here with you."

With Love,


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