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Hi, I'm glad you found me.

My name is SIEW.  I am a Life Coach, Educator, Wellness Advocate, Business Owner, Wife, Mother, Friend, all in one.

I started with a 12-year corporate career in various fields including Public & Media Relations, Customer Service and Lease Management.  Making a bold change, I then moved into entrepreneurship. I am now into my 13th year as an educator, managing my own enrichment centre that is part of a world-wide brand.

 A firm believer in holistic wellness, I have a background in Aromatherapy with a certification as an Essential Oil Specialist. I am also a trained Women Wellness Educator.

I work closely with women, especially mothers, who want to show up as their best self whilst balancing the many hats. I am passionate about helping women reconnect with their authentic self and replenish in the simplest ways, so that they radiate as their unique self.

I bring to the table my years of experiences in multi-disciplines, and of course, personal learnings in my own woman(mother)-hood journey.  All of which connect me deeply to the issues of modern-day women. This enables me to help bring new perspectives and clarity, and empower women to go after what they truly want.

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