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Reconnect. Replenish.  Radiate.

Bridge Over River


Like any other women in today’s world, I wear many hats in life.  I am -- Wife, Mum, Daughter, Friend, Coach, Educator, Business Owner -- all in one.  


The struggles, physically and emotionally, to balance these many responsibilities often take a toll on women leaving us exhausted and even lost.  I know, because I went through many of these challenges as I transit from a corporate career to running my own business, and from managing toddlers to teenagers and young adults.  


As an educator for 13 years, I have worked with many mummies struggling to understand themselves and their children.  My 20 years as a mum to 3 girls also brought me on a long journey to discover my own unique value as a person and to infuse wellness into my life so I can show up authentically for people I love. 


I help women to reconnect with their true self, to replenish and to radiate.  I work with women seeking personal growth, helping them identify issues that are most important to them and seek clarity of their true self.  

I would love to go on this journey of self-exploration with you.  Connect with me and let's explore the possibilities for you. 


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This is a complimentary 30-minute session, for us to discuss your needs and explore how we might work together.  This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions about coaching or my methods.

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This is a 60-minute one-to-one session, during which we will work on bringing clarity to what is of importance to you right in that moment.

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A package of 4 1-hour sessions to work on the essentials that you need to grow in life: 

G - seek clarity on Goals

R - assess the Reality 

O - define steps to desired Outcome

W - map out actions to Work on 


I would love for you to connect.   Drop me a note and I'll be in touch.  Or click on the links below to find me on social media.

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